Sanchita Sahay – the woman with many qualities

I am trained spelling, reading and comprehension therapist working with children and adults with disabilities and their families. I work with The British School, New Delhi as a full-time special needs educator and I am also a project manager at WE’RE ONE – Ride for Superhumans and Painters’ Grid that spreads awareness by painting one wall at a time.

After graduating from college with a Psychology degree, I started teaching in a school near my home that served children with severe needs. These kids were facing problems such as the Downs Syndrome, Autism, Physical Disabilities and Neurological Impairments. While working with the kids, I realized that I needed more training in order to help these children more efficiently. After doing my Masters from School of Rehabilitation Sciences (AADI) in New Delhi, I began working with schools and NGOs. Each child presented a new adventure and with each adventure came about new learnings. There were days when I thought I wouldn’t be able to manage the needs of the child I was working with and then there were days when one of my kids would identify the letter or begin reading independently. There were days when I have had stuff thrown at me or bite marks on my arms and there have been days where I have been slobbered with kisses and given the tightest of hugs. Each day is new in this line of work.

In the month of June, I am travelling to NGOs and schools in Dehradun, Shimla, Solan and Nanital in order to train the teachers and parents of kids with disabilities in reading, spelling, comprehension and behavior management. Most of these schools cannot afford teacher training. As much as their hearts are in the right place, they use the hit-and-trial method to work with the children. My motivation is that if I have been fortunate enough to learn from the best, I should share my learnings and the material with as many people as I can. If I can make a difference to even one life or one family or even one teacher, then why not!

Apart from working full-time, I manage projects for We’re One Ride, where India rides for Super Humans. We believe that people come before their disability and everyone deserves an equal life, a life of dignity and respect. We ride to raise funds and this all India ride saw more than 5000+ bikers last year and we plan to go bigger this year.

In the end, I feel that: My philosophy in life is simple. There is a purpose because of which you are here. Be good and do good. I speak fast and I speak my mind. I am very sure of what I want and what I don’t and I firmly believe in keeping life simple!

Word of advice for and all – “Remember why you started!”

Connect with me if you think we can benefit from each other. You can reach me at

In love, light & peace!

Sanchita Sahay                                                                                                             Project Manager at WE’RE ONE | Special Needs Educator

2 thoughts on “Sanchita Sahay – the woman with many qualities

  1. Great work Sancita. You really make us proud. There is a saying which I believe in which is
    Life is like an Echo, it comes back to you
    So do the Best and the shall come back to you
    Carry on doing good work 💃🎈💕😊👍
    Love you loads
    Madhu aunty

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