Archana Srivastava’s window to happiness

Main choo sakti hun akash, mauke ki mujhe hai talash
I am Archana Srivastava, founder of Gavaksh, a spirited entrepreneur and a social worker at heart. Just like many other girls in our society, during the early age of my life, I too faced a lot of restrictions and constraints when I first stepped out of the safety of my home. My immediate family and extended family had their own set of reservations about the sort of project I was planning to undertake. They were worried about my safety, what people would say and whether it would be enough to bring home bread and butter. Today, I am running my own NGO near ITO, New Delhi.  Every day brings in a new set of challenges and lessons.

“I know I am on the right path. I am doing what I am meant to do. My mind is clear about the vision I need to pursue. I am happy with the way things are shaping up for GavaKsh.”

The most defining and magical moment for me so far has been the birth of my dream project “GavaKsh – window to happiness”.   This was born on 31st December 2014. This project is an attempt to bring happiness into the lives of children coming from under privileged section of our society. I discovered that the cause of working towards social development of underprivileged children pulls all the right heartstrings for me.

GavaKash aims to reach out to the children with lesser means to provide them with meaningful education. The objective is to make education and learning fun by using interactive learning and teaching techniques like dance, music, observation, art and craft, games, workshops and many such tools. The idea is to ensure that each child who joins the NGO, looks forward to the next session. Therefore, Gavaksh tries to inspire and initiate solutions which have the potential to change the lives of children who have been deprived of what they deserve.  

To the fellow womenfolk, my message is :

“It’s time for us “WOMEN” to come forth and undertake some extra initiatives. We need to help create an environment of empowerment for other women around us, who are still struggling for their basic rights of education, equality and safety. It is our responsibility to make sure that we co-create an environment of awareness, education and nurturing such that every female is able to rejoice in being a woman!”

Archana Srivastava                                                                                         Founder GavaKash| Social Activist| Spreading Happiness

11 thoughts on “Archana Srivastava’s window to happiness

  1. There is a log way to go.i wish u all the best and I’m sure one day you will able to make changes in society through your efforts.we are proud of u 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sameer. I am thankful to you and all the other members and volunteers to play a vital role in making this dream into reality. Tons of thanks!

  2. Great Archana. I am totally inspired by you. It’s so good to know u found your calling. May you continue to throttle ahead and bring smiles to many more.

    1. Thank you so much. This is what I need the most at this hour. These are just baby steps. Gavaksh has a long way to go to spread happiness among more and more people. Thank you very much🙏.

  3. I know u have gone through a tough phase of life but somewhere that phase is the reason of your growth. I wish u get what u deserve in all the forms of life. Good luck

  4. It is truly inspiring to watch you pursue your dream. Many people give up when the journey is long and tough but you have always been tougher. Keep up the good work and wish you all the very best.

  5. I’ve never seen a lady who keeps going on donating owns smile and expecting nothing in return.
    A big salute not for your gender but for you as a person, a person with amazing character. I hope the path which you have taken will keep appointing you the life long happiness which you are seeking.

    Great work. Keep going ❤

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