About Us

Humans of Society is a social initiative by ‘Those In Need’ to bring forth the good work that people around us are doing.

We are looking for inspiration from you. We need to hear your story and it could be anything; like when you helped someone in need, volunteered for a cause, started your own campaign or social enterprise or done something as simple as making a child smile.

Your Contribution is valuable

We all are trying to make the society a better place but many times our good work and the revolution it starts go unnoticed. These socially responsible citizens are the drivers of change in today’s world! We want to take your revolutionary story and bring it to the world and who knows maybe it will give wings to someone else’s idea too?

You can share your story HERE. Our team will get in touch with you once your response recorded.

Who are We?

Through our organization ‘Those In Need’, we plan to create an ecosystem which would help connect the volunteers to the right NGO and cause at the right time.