Sunidhi Kant – Reaching Sky Foundation

My name is Sunidhi Kant & I am a Founding Member & Managing Director of Reaching Sky Foundation; a youth oriented Non-Profit based out of New Delhi.

I have always been a person who wishes to harvest learning & experience from anywhere possible and thus have kept myself much involved in various leadership roles & responsibilities, extracurricular activities, internships, trainings, research studies, volunteering etc. I also have a profound interest in reading self-help, motivational & leadership books & articles, writing poetries, listening & singing music, watching mythological series and socializing with awesome people from various backgrounds. Being a people centric person I am looking forward to implement all my learning & experiences in creation of systems solving Global Challenges.

I believe we are the content writers of our own life choosing either our big dreams or our small challenges. I had aspirations to pursue a different career in the field of Research, but a one-time volunteering experience managed to draw me into the social space. And so, I chose my very own Founded Interest – Service to people and began my journey in pursuit to serve humanity through volunteering in 2012, discovering how easy it was to make a difference. Soon I realized helping others is a key of being much more self-empowered & self-reliant and gradually I developed my interest into my passion. I always feel glad to say that today I am a Social Entrepreneur and I am currently involved in the fulfillment of United Nations’ fourth Sustainable Development Goal i.e. Quality Education for all by 2030. As a Co – Founder & Managing Director of Reaching Sky Foundation, I am working in progression to develop a world where people are empowered with social values, quality education and leadership skills. I have always felt the need to create more leaders having self-belief & concrete values.

I feel that most of the problems in our world can be eliminated if we can educate the minds with skills that make them self-sufficient & reliant through love and compassion. I have been working in the social field since 4+ years on 8+ projects at more than 10 sites (slums in Delhi/NCR) with different organizations and influencing personalities impacting more than 5000+ beneficiaries from different age groups by helping them in different areas like skill development, education, health and lifestyle to be able to lead a better life by being an empowered citizen. I look forward to open affordable schools in Slums & Rural Areas for everyone to fetch quality education & lifelong learning opportunities for themselves and at the same time I am planning to create a structure wherein volunteering is redefined from charity to self – learning & skilling initiative.

Recently, I was selected as one of the privileged 60 participants from 30 Youth Led Organizations in India for the 2016 UNESCO driven Media & Information Literacy Workshop for Youth Capacity Building at Punjabi University, Patiala. Recently, I have been acknowledged by LetsEndorse on Women’s Day 2017 Among Top 14 Bold Ladies of India. I am a woman who wishes to harvest learning & experience from anywhere possible. I believe it’s the never-ending quest to improve ourselves and become our best selves and then work for the betterment of others. I believe, sometimes, making an initiative simple, sustainable and reachable is the biggest challenge, but with big hopes & big actions – change within us and among our surroundings can be aspired, aimed and achieved. It’s all about having the faith that we all are awesome!

Sunidhi Kant                                                                                                                         Founder Reaching Sky Foundation | Social Entrepreneur