Praveen Shukla: Being Social-एक नई शुरुआत

My name is Praveen Shukla and today I want to share the story of Being Social-एक नई शुरुआत with everyone. We started this group in November’15 and since then have been moving forward with the motto – “Spread Smile & Serve Humanity.”  I personally believe that one should try to spread infectious smiles to as many people as possible. These smiles bring out the positive spirit and kindness within through different actions of humanity.

My friend (Gaurav Singh) and I were compelled to start this organization when we saw a little girl, who forced by her circumstances was left with no choice by to eat from the dustbin outside of a McDonalds. It was this instance that touched out heart gravely and we decided to do our bit for the society.

Our intention is to work for as many distinct causes as possible and touch as many lives as possible. Some of the projects that we have undertaken are:

Water for Birds: We tried to save the birds from scorching heat and provide them with water at the most frequently used resting places by them. This year Indian Express published the work that we are doing and this cause was spoken about by PM Modi in one of his Maan Ki Baat speeches.

Kala Paathsaala:  We launched this initiative recently in which we try to teach the slum dweller’s kids over the weekends who are unable to afford education. We try to take up moral education and skill development for these kids. We try to celebrate most festivals with these kids as we feel that a festival belongs to all and only to those who can afford to celebrate.

We also try to support some kids who dropped out to school due to financial reasons with their entire education. Currently we are supporting 6 kids in Ludhiana and 8 in Pune.

Health & Hygiene Awareness:  We hold these sessions in slums and government schools. Good hygiene is the starting of a good life. Recently we got the support of Yuvraj Singh Foundation and the Attac Foundation for expanding our reach further.

Visiting the Old Age Homes and Orphanages: We believe that when youth will see the reality of these shelters they will at least re-think the choices they make as adults when it comes to their parents. We try to bring smiles to faces of the people who are residing in these shelters. We try to give them the warmth that they are always craving for.
From last 20 months, we have been trying to connect like-minded people for social cause under one platform. Our objective is to promote Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and to create good Samaritans for the Society.

Praveen Shukla                                                                                                              Being Social-एक नई शुरुआत | Social Activist| Spreading Smile


Manish Jaiswal – Children is the heart of human development

My name is Manish Jaiswal and I am founder of I-KIRAN FOUNDATION (IKF) and I believe together we can create a world that loves all children unconditionally and where children are free to be themselves.

My journey into social work began after the 2013. I came to New Delhi for the first time for my further studies. After one year, I dropped out because I was not satisfied with what I was doing. I always wanted to do something for a greater cause. Had I stayed in the same educational barriers, I would have missed out on so many opportunities for personal growth that I now understand was so important for me. I understood only one thing – do what makes you happy.

I started volunteering for several NGOs. I attended many meeting and conferences and met many social activist and change makers of society. I started gathering up the knowledge about voluntary organization and how it works.

At this time, I went to Shahabad for some work. While I was there for a couple of days, I was upset with things around me. I closely observed the effect of poverty in education in my village. Despite the Right to Education act 2009 that allows children ages from 6 to 14 to get free and compulsory education, I saw children roaming here and there in school time abusing each other.

I was worried for them as the expenses of education are too much for a family to pay for. Most of them send their children to work in field once the child turns 14. The boy is migrated from village and daughters are married off. Children don’t even have enough space to study and no one around to guide them for better path.

With this enlightening experience, I came back. With support from my family, I started college in a nearby village (I was also nominated to REX Global fellowship program under the flagship of United Nation) and I started with after school literacy classes, where I gathered few children and started guiding and teaching them.

During my stay in village I found that giving quality education to village children can help much family to full fill their education need. I observed that people of the village have potential to understand about the value of education. Due to the lack of information and knowledge what is happening around the world they are unaware of value of education.

I often try to come in front the line for protecting children and their families from repeating cycle of poverty. I am proud of myself for having the inner strength and motivation to overcome this experience and continue on with my journey. I registered my own organisation with the support of my family. Finding volunteers in the village was difficult, but I managed somehow.

We are changing the life of village children. But I realize that teaching the evening class will not solve the problem alone. To continue with it, we need more volunteers and financial support. The problem is limited not only to poor quality of education but extends also to poor nutrition and lack of medical care. We are working the best we can.

Now I am about to write for my final year examination. Till date we have worked with 200+ children. We are more focused for raising resources for these children so that we can meet there educational need we have also adopted few children as our own responsibility we connect these children direct with resources I could only say.

“Don’t leave the better World for the children rather leave better children for the World”

I am also thinking to introduce following things in our village:

  1. Digital Libraries across our village
  2. Residential educational center to provide village children the space where they could have an open space to think more, and learn more, beyond the shackles of their family environment.

We will be incorporating this by following steps:

a). by establishing Science club for village children,

b). by establishing Sports Complex,

c). by establishing Conference hall,

d). by establishing the Computer lab.

In the end, I want to say that children do inspire me. I want to be a child activist so my life would most likely revolve around children and their parents. That’s what I want. I want to guide children towards success and happiness. They inspire me also because a person is shaped when they are a child. All of their habits are developed as a child.

Manish Jaiswal                                                                                                             Founder I-KIRAN FOUNDATION  | Social Activist